Vandalism & Dilapidation Prevention

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Empty buildings are easy targets for vandalism, theft and criminal damage

Graffiti and broken windows are a telltale sign that a building is vacated, neglected and badly managed.

This usually attracts further vandals and a building can quickly slide into a complete state of neglect and disrepair, damaging morale in the local community, having a negative impact on local business and property values, putting local people at risk and presenting a general eyesore in the neighbourhood.

Visibly neglected properties are also obvious targets for metal theft. Kitchen and office appliances, landscape stones, tiling, roof tiles, doors, timber and any other on-site valuables are at risk when properties are clearly vacant.

Once a property is allowed to deteriorate, restoring or selling it becomes increasingly difficult.

Oaksureā€™s onsite-security presence deters vandals and prevents theft and criminal damage

By ensuring there is a security presence in the building, Oaksure virtually eliminates the threat of vandalism, theft and criminal damage.

Using live-in guards we ensure the building looks occupied and in use at all times. This is a highly effective deterrent to vandalism and theft.

Where there are incidents of vandalism, theft or damage we are on-site to deal with the situation effectively and immediately. Our guards report cases through our reactive maintenance service and repairs begin straight away, preventing any further deterioration of the property.

Live-in guards are a particularly effective means of guarding against vandalism. With multiple guards on-site, the building is regularly patrolled and occupied throughout, enabling any damage to be sighted and reported early or intervened with as it happens. Vandals tend to prefer not to target places where people live. Live-in guards are a moral deterrent.

Our guards have a vested interest in securing property and preventing any criminal damage being done because it is temporarily where they live.

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