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Professional Vacant Property Management

Oaksure provides a comprehensive management service for properties without tenants. We manage security, identify problems and carry out maintenance, arrange access for third parties and can mitigate the tax burden created by vacancy.

We manage all aspects of vacancy when tenants have vacated a building and there is an unexpected delay before it becomes occupied again or is redeveloped. During this time it is imperative to ensure that the empty property is properly managed and maintained to reduce costs and ensure it does not begin to deteriorate.

We provide an end-to-end service when a building becomes vacant, saving our clients the time, hassle and expense of managing the building before it is brought into its next use, whatever that may be.

Oaksure’s vacant property management service ensures costs can be kept at an absolute minimum and the quality of the asset is maintained, minimising the damage and risk that occurs when a property is left vacant.

Vacant property mothballing: A false economy

When properties are awaiting repair or have fallen into a state of disrepair and can no longer feasibly accommodate tenants, they are frequently “mothballed”. This entails boarding the property up, with the hope that it will remain in the same condition until renovations can begin.

Unfortunately this is very rarely the case and mothballed properties almost always continue to deteriorate much faster than occupied property as they fall prey to a host of threats including theft, vandalism, squatting, damp, mould and infestation.

Mothballing is undertaken as an attempt to minimise expenses, but after accounting for security costs, unoccupied building insurance, empty business rates and any eventual maintenance or repairs of the decay caused by vacancy, mothballing is shown to be financially unsound when compared to the alternative.

Through Oaksure’s vacant property management, the property is maintained in the condition it was when tenants left. In many cases we improve the condition of the buildings we protect, carrying out professional cleaning waste removal and security upgrades at the commencement of our management. We routinely undertake improvements to the fire safety when we commence security and carry out the repairs necessary to keep a building water-tight and ensure the utilities are functioning.

This enables a building to be maintained in a condition where it could be re-let should the plans for the building run into difficulties which cannot be resolved such as changing market conditions or a planning authority that is unwilling to grant consent.

Oaksure’s vacant property services minimises the cost of business rates, can reduce insurance premiums and includes comprehensive security for a monthly fee which can be less than the initial cost of draining down.

For these reasons, we advise against mothballing vacant properties.

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