How we serve the community

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Our mission is to prevent buildings from languishing empty and unused. We want to reduce the cost and increase the use of vacant buildings, to prevent them from diminishing in value and contributing to the deterioration of the community.

We want to eliminate the financial and social burden that vacant properties can become. Through preventing them from diminishing in condition and value, we can help to reduce crime rates and rule out the deterioration of the local community.

The morale and appearance of an area can be greatly affected by vacant properties. Once a building has been unlawfully occupied, vandalised or has fallen into a state of disrepair it can make a negative contribution to a neighbourhood and pose a risk to locals.

The social costs of vacant buildings

Vacant buildings are expensive: in addition to the loss of rental revenue, owners have to pay empty business rates and security costs. The social costs are also substantial.

  1. Commercial vacant properties are associated with a reduced number of people working and trading in the local neighbourhood. This can create a reduction in footfall for local businesses and thus contribute to the diminishing of other businesses’ revenues.

  2. Vacant property creates an image of an area in decline. Due to this, it can lower local moral and discourage people from coming to the area. With metal screens and boarded windows, derelict buildings can also discourage new businesses from moving into an area.

  3. Vacant buildings have been shown to have a higher rate of crime associated with them. Unused and neglected properties are places that attract people who want to behave in a way that is not accepted by the law and the local community.

  4. A vacant building is an unused building. An asset is not being utilised when it is unoccupied and thus the benefits which could be gained from the architectural wealth of a local area are not at their full.

Oaksure property management helps relieve the social costs of vacant property

Oaksure vacant property management resolves all four of these blights caused by vacant property.

Our live-in guards provide footfall in the local area, prevent buildings from appearing vacant and attracting crime and use them as accommodation until the buildings are are ready for their next use.

We sometimes use charities to temporarily occupy large portions of vacant buildings. This also introduces additional contributors to the local community.

With Oaksure live-in guardians, vacant buildings can assume the appearance of business as usual.

Communal areas and courtyards are maintained which can help the building from falling into disrepair and prevent an unpleasant, derelict appearance. Through protecting by occupation, we remove the perception of the vacant property altogether.

Oaksure protects and helps the community

By using Oaksure, property owners can make radical savings on the cost of vacant property and benefit the local community at the same time.


Save With Oaksure

Oaksure aims to provide vacant property security using SIA qualified guards

Our guards are contracted to live on-site to protect against squatters, metal theft & criminal damage

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Empty, deteriorating, boarded up and derelict buildings are associated with a higher rate of crime and leave a hole in the community

Unihabited properties cause resentment and encourage retaliation