Security Equipment

A CCTV camera

Before we commence our services at any site, we carry out a rigorous security assessment of each and every property to determine site-specific requirements. This means we are able to create a security solution that is tailored for each property and each client and achieve the best possible protection given the circumstances.

We never recommend leaving property unoccupied. However, in certain cases we advise the use of property security systems to complement our professional on-site guard personnel.

Empty commercial buildings are not protected against squatters by the law, so although CCTV security systems appear to provide some security they won’t actively keep trespassers out. Once trespassers have entered a building and are able to control ingress and egress it will require a case for possession at the county court to remove them. CCTV and alarm response can be too late to prevent trespassers taking possession. Similarly mobile patrols are unlikely to be on-site when trespassers are gaining access. Leaving buildings vacant runs the risk of vandalism and dilapidation which can contribute to the deterioration of communities and the falling of local property values. Protect your property – ensure it is occupied.

Call us on 020 7794 8467 and we can have your property occupied and properly secured by an SIA guard within 24hrs.

The additional security equipment and services we provide

CCTV: IP, Digital & Analogue, Vandal Resistant, Remote Viewing & Internet Backup.

Access Control: Stand-a-lone, Networked & Integrated systems, Card, Fob, Transmitter, Keypad and Biometric Access

Alarms: Panic, Intruder, Wireless & Wired alarms. Call & Monitoring Reporting.

Electronic Locks: Magnetic, Solenoid bolts & Electric release locks.

Door Entry Systems: Video & Audio Systems, Car Park Automation, Gates, Barriers & Ramps.

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We do not recommend leaving any property vacant

The security equipment and additional services we offer should only be sought in conjunction with occupation of the property by Oaksure guards.