Reactive Property Maintenance

Over time, all buildings deteriorate and need to be maintained if they are to be kept in a condition fit for occupation. Regular maintenance is also essential to ensure that a property does not result in harm to a member of the public.

Vacant buildings decay at a faster rate than buildings which are occupied. When a property is vacant problems such as leaks go unnoticed and create much more extensive damage, pest infestations can spread more easily, the absence of heat can create problems of damp or internal condensation and utilities infrastructure will deteriorate and cease to function.

Reactive property maintenance for vacant properties

Oaksure Property Protection provide reactive maintenance for vacant properties that deals with maintenance concerns quickly and effectively while preventing a vacant building from deteriorating at a faster pace.

Our guards temporarily occupy vacant property and thereby prevent the causes of decay that come from unoccupancy. This ensures that any problems which arise are sighted and dealt with quickly. It also reduces the costs of maintenance by reducing the number of maintenance incidents when compared with leaving a property vacant.

We ensure that utilities infrastructure is kept in working condition. Leaks, floods and drainage problems are observed early and dealt with right away to avoid long-term or structural damage that might be costly to repair. Any problems that arise are dealt with immediately to prevent them escalating.

Oaksure guards act as live-in caretakers of the property while it is without tenants and are effective protection against damp, internal condensation and mould.

Oaksure also manages pre-existing pest problems and prevents further ones from occurring.

For any work that cannot be done in-house we use accredited tradespeople that are insured for up to £5m and the preferred contractors selected by our clients.

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