Property Guardians

Two male property guardians standing outside of a house

Property guardians are the most effective method of securing a building without tenants. They are a solution which simplifies management and radically reduces costs for security, maintenance and keyholding.

Oaksure property guardians can be deployed for only £200 per month per property and provide 24hr protection. Compare this to a single 24hr static security guard that will cost around £8,000 per month. Property guardians also have significant security advantages over static guards and other outdated forms of protection.

What are Property Guardians?

Property guardians are contracted to live on-site at unoccupied premises for the purpose of security. Once security is no longer needed the guardians cease to live at the property and we relocate them to another property that needs security. These guardians hold a licence to occupy for the purpose of security, they do not have a tenancy, and once security is no longer required their licence to occupy is terminated.

Our property guardians occupy vacant buildings while they are in-between uses. This can be from very short periods to a few years. It is often uncertain how long a property will remain vacant and using property guardians ensures that during this time a property is secured, well maintained and that costs are kept to a minimum.

These guardians provide regular security patrols of the property in virtue of the fact that they live there and travel around the inside and outside of the building while they are going about their business. The guardians become intimately aware of the building and have a vested interest in ensuring that it is highly secure and well maintained. Property guardians are an active on-site presence that removes the risk of a property being targeted by squatters, metal thieves and vandals.

Oaksure provides protection by occupation

Unlike static guards, our live-in guardians occupy the property rather than simply patrolling it. Ultimately, this means that not only does the property have guards on-site securing the property it also gains 24 hour protection, being protected by the law against squatters even when no guardian is present. A building is still protected against squatters because it is occupied, therefore it is easy to prove forced entry and criminal law applies. In practice because the building is occupied it ceases to be a target for squatters who solely target vacant buildings.

When static security guards are off-duty or even on a break, squatters can take possession of a building and thieves can break in.

Why use property guardians?

Property guardianship is the most comprehensive and cost effective security available for empty properties. They provide significant advantages over other methods of security:

  • They gain the protection of the law against squatters for commercial buildings

  • The buildings protected with them appear in use and thus do not become a target

  • Guardians are on-site to provide access to surveyors, planners and tradespeople

  • There are eyes on-site through the building to observe maintenance issues early

  • They are politically expedient and can aid planning applications for residential conversions

Oaksure has operatives on call response 24 hours a day to react immediately to any security or maintenance threat to property.

Oaksure’s superior property guardian service

Property guardians have been used successfully to protect vacant property in the UK for over a decade. Since then Oaksure has substantially improved the standard of protection provided by guardians.

We are the only company who pay for Security Industry Authority (SIA) training and qualifications for our live-in guardians to increase their professionalism and competence.

We prioritise guardians who have the most extensive security guarding qualifications and experience. To get the best possible security solution, all live-in guardians are allocated to properties based on their experience, preferences and the security requirements of the project.

Due to our higher quality of service we differentiate our guardians by calling them live-in guards.

All our live-in guards operate under a strict contract to occupy vacant property for the purposes of security. This contract restricts the use of the property in line with the security requirements and temporary nature of their occupation. This contract can be terminated at any time with a short notice period. We work with our guardians in the long term and always seek to relocate them at the end of contract.

We make regular inspections to all properties we manage and are in regular contact with all live-in guards who have been placed on-site. We provide a 24hr on-site presence by alternating the daily schedules of the guardians we place in each property.

Oaksure has operatives on call response 24 hours a day.

Oaksure property guardian vetting process

All our live-in guards go through a thorough vetting process.

We require:

  • Copy of Passport
  • 2 Tenancy References
  • 2 Employment references
  • 3 months bank statements
  • CRB check
  • CV
  • Scrutiny of their timetable
  • Interview

Oaksure Guardians provide the most comprehensive and effective vacant property security available.

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Oaksure aims to provide vacant property security using SIA qualified guards

Our guards are contracted to live on-site to protect against squatters, metal theft & criminal damage

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Property guardians remove the risk of a property being targeted by squatters, metal thieves and vandals.

We are the only company who pay for Security Industry Authority (SIA) training for our live-in guardians.