Why Choose Us

SIA Qualified Guards

We place SIA qualified guards to live on-site at vacant buildings. Thus you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that trusted professionals protect your building.

Secured Within 24 Hours

In many cases we can place guards to protect vacant buildings within 24hrs. We want to ensure there is no chance damage can be done to your property.

24hr On-site Presence

In most cases we place multiple guards to live on-site. We select guards who will be present in the property at different times meaning that you can get a 24hr on-site security presence with Oaksure.

Save Time: have us handle your Contractors

When requested we can handle contractors which you send to the property. This can save you the time taken in travelling to the building, showing contractors around and waiting for them to do the work.

Maintenance Service

Our guards will maintain the building’s infrastructure and ensure the utilities remain in working order. This means the building will remain in operating condition, protecting its value and keeping it ready to be occupied by future tenants.

Maintain appearance of business as normal

Our security enables the building to continue the appearance that it is in use. This prevents a vacant building from having a negative effect on the neighbourhood, demonstrates good property management and makes it more attractive to future buyers or tenants.

Single Solution

Oaksure guards are a comprehensive security solution for vacant buildings. Once we are in place there is no need to pay for or organise further security personnel or fortifications. Our guards protect vacant properties from all the threats while also maintaining the properties infrastructure and ensuring the utilities remain in working order.

Save With Oaksure

Oaksure aims to provide vacant property security using SIA qualified guards

Our guards are contracted to live on-site to protect against squatters, metal theft & criminal damage

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Oaksure guards are a comprehensive single security solution for vacant buildings, simplifying the management of your vacant property

At your request we can handle contractors you send to the property

Oaksure guards will maintain the buildings' infrastructure and ensure the utilities remain in working order