Listed Building and Industrial Units

(Regents Park)

We were able to reduce empty business rates on this property from £136,000 to £7,200 per annum, saving our client more than 90%. We took over security from another firm, providing a more comprehensive service and saving our client £600 per week on security costs. The property contained some derelict units and had suffered from being targeted by squatters. When tenants left the building in preparation for construction squatters had moved in.

We placed live-in guards on-site to protect the vacant units and carry out regular inspections of the derelict units. Our single security solution simplified our clients’ management of the property and also saved them thousands on renting metal screens and paying for other fortifications.

Our guards also maintained the piping infrastructure and the courtyard. This arrangement meant the owner could take more time trying to sell the building without the financial pressure of high business rates and extortionate security costs. Oaksure security meant that it was no longer necessary to gut the building to obtain long-term rate relief saving our client more time and money. Our clients’ final decision was to undertake construction themselves and we continue to provide security for the duration of these works.

Office Block awaiting planning for residential conversion


A large building in Westminster had business rates reduced from £77,000 to £5,300 per annum due to our vacant property security being in place. The planning application to convert to luxury flats was drawn out for more than 16 months. Thus the owner saved £95,600 on building tax alone and had their building secured against squatters, thieves and vandals during this period.

Disused GP Surgery after attempts by Squatters


This property was in an area of South London with a very high crime rate. Despite security equipment in place such as metal shutters and alarms squatters had removed parts of a metal gate and broken through a brick wall to gain access. There had been two instances where a large window was broken with a brick. We placed a highly qualified SIA guard with 15 years experience in the security industry on-site within 24 hours of signing contract. Following this there were no further attempts on the property. The owner had not yet made plans for the building and our security relieved the pressure of having to get the property into its next use.

Residential Awaiting Planning for Demolition


A high value property in London’s Hampstead had a planning application submitted to be demolished. There was great opposition from the local community and the planning process was dragged out for almost a year. During this uncertain period we protected the building without a management charge to the owner. The plan for demolition was eventually rejected but the presence of our guards ensured the property remained in a suitable state for a smaller development.

Office Block awaiting letting or sale


A large office block in a prime central London location was up for letting and subsequently, sale. A tough economic climate meant the property was unlikely to gain tenants quickly. During this period our guards were on-site to accommodate visitors to the property and maintain its good appearance for viewings. The property eventually sold and the guards vacated as the ownership changed hands.

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As much as 90% on business rates for the duration the building is vacant.

More than 80% compared to ordinary security.

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Oaksure reduced business rates from £136,000 to £13,000 per annum using our security

We placed a highly experienced SIA qualified guard on-site within 24 hrs

Oaksure’s single security solution simplified our client’s management of the vacant property