Providing Security for Your Vacant Properties

Oaksure can provide security guards for construction sites, retail units, reception areas and vacant properties. We assign specific guards to remain on rotation each site so that they get a detailed knowledge of the specific situation and protocol of the site and become familiar with the personnel who work there. This helps our guards become a close and integral part of the team managing each site and equips them well to respond to changing situation.

Why Use Oaksure Security Guards?

  •  24hr security guards from £12ph + VAT
  • All fluent in English
  • SIA Licenced
  • Trained to Door supervisor standard
  • Can be mobilised same day if required

In vacant properties and construction sites our guards carry out patrols every hour and can patrol more regularly at request. We install patrol tracking technology to ensure that every patrol is undertaken on time and following the entire route exactly as planned.

The Right Equipment & Training for the Job

We provide immediate written reports for any security incidents which arise and weekly written reports as standard which provide a record of all access requests, the details of any security incidents and how they were dealt with and a record of any other incidents which the security guards observed during their duty.

In addition to their security uniform each security guard is equipped with a two-way radio, a mobile phone, a heavy duty baton torch, and a log book to record all incidents and visitors to the property.

All the Extra Security You Need

At request we can provide CCTV installation which our guards can monitor as part of their duties and other security fortifications such as concrete bollards, additional locks and door security, and intruder alarm systems.

Call us on 020 7794 8467 for a free security risk assessment of your property where we can discuss the options.

Save With Oaksure

Telephone or email us with any questions regarding security for your property

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We do not recommend leaving any property vacant

The security equipment and additional services we offer should only be sought in conjunction with occupation of the property by Oaksure guards.