Fly Tipping Prevention

Fly Tipping in the UK

The UK is facing a fly tipping crisis. Dumping unwanted items in open land or public spaces is a contravention of the UK’s Environmental Protection Act (1990) and is illegal. In itself this has not been enough to prevent illegal dumping and cases of fly tipping have been on the rise.

Local authorities in England and Wales dealt with 852,000 cases in 2013/14, 20% more than the previous year.

Unoccupied properties are a target for illegal dumping

Construction waste, abandoned vehicles, old and unwanted furniture and clothing are all left in empty buildings. Removing this waste can set back construction time and is costly. It can also make the building appear dilapidated and attract vandals and squatters.

Sites where there has been illegal dumping are more difficult to let and sell. They also incur higher management costs.

Waste removal and fly tipping prevention

In our experience, a building that is unoccupied and improperly secured can quickly become a target for fly tipping.

Oaksure Property Protection respond to fly tipping on two fronts. We clean and clear properties at the beginning of a contract, removing any unwanted waste and generally improving the outward appearance of the property to deter interest from those who target vacant buildings.

Once our live-in guards are placed on-site, they continually patrol the premises and instantly report any illegal dumping. The combination of a sustained security presence and the appearance that the property is in use act as a powerful deterrent to any further illegal dumping of waste so cases of fly tipping once our guards are on-site are rare. The building will appear occupied at all times and be patrolled throughout the day and night making it difficult to abandon unwanted items there.

Should any fly tipping occur at a vacant property we manage, it is dealt with immediately through our reactive maintenance channels. We may call in our own waste removal service or report the incident to an in-house removals contractor chosen by the client.

Acting swiftly prevents any further fly tipping and keeps the situation from escalating – something that commonly happens when buildings are insufficiently guarded.

It is our priority that the external appearance of all vacant properties we protect is maintained to a high standard and kept clear of any visible refuse at all times.

Oaksure Property Protection can also maintain all car parks, forecourts and gardens that are part of the property.

All major incidents of fly tipping should be reported to the appropriate council in England and Wales.

Using live-in guards protects your building from fly tipping. Your building will appear to be in use and guards are on-site as a deterrent and to clear any waste quickly if necessary

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