• May 26 / 2015
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Ealing Council

The Council has entered into an agreement with Oaksure Property Protection to secure Commercial assets as they become vacant, void or until they are re-let or disposed of in line with the Council’s property strategy.

Implementing a’ live in’ Property Guardian solution in surplus assets has vastly reduce threats of dilapidation, crime and squatting. This has also resulted in significantly savings in security and screening costs…

Oaksure are responsible, approachable, friendly and always on hand, they have a hands on approach and are always willing to assist in allowing access for routine maintenance. They also undertake minor repairs, responding with speed and efficiency of service. With the additional benefits of guardians aiding in assisting with a recent fire alarm activation at Acton Town Hall, the removal of fly tipping, and, the recycling of surplus and redundant furniture.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Oaksure Property Protection.

  • May 01 / 2015
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A security guard guarding a building

Oaksure Can Help Guarantee Vacant Building Credit

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At Oaksure we provide unused buildings which are in various stages of development, with all of the proficient security and maintenance they require. We can also save owners around 90% on business rates for the duration of a building’s vacancy. Thanks also to a National Policy on vacant building credit, Oaksure’s services will now help to further reduce costs for those who are redeveloping an unused building back into lawful use.

What is vacant building credit?

Vacant building credit (VBC) is an incentive for brownfield development, which reduces the amount that a developer has to pay towards their Affordable Housing Contribution. A developer would normally be required to make a contribution in full for a site or building which is being reconstructed or redeveloped. The VBC now applies where vacant buildings are brought back into use or being demolished to make way for a new building. Local authorities will calculate how much credit the developers are entitled to, based on existing gross floor space of the building against the proposed gross floor space of the new building once the work is completed.

How can Oaksure help to ensure eligibility for VBC?

The requirements for Vacant Building Credit are such that our property guardianship and security services could be key to ensuring that developers are eligible for this subsidy. Often during a building’s redevelopment, the business may want to keep operating on some area of the site without fully closing it down – this is perfectly logical, but not always possible. In order to be eligible for VBC, the building cannot be abandoned and so it must have someone to occupy the site. At Oaksure we know all too well that leaving a property vacant poses a greater risk of it being damaged from common problems such as leaks, dampness and pest infestation. By having one of our property guardians or security personnel to manage the building, we not only guarantee its daily maintenance and peace of mind for the property owner, but the building’s occupancy will ensure eligibility for vacant building credit. The VBC’s incentive to turn derelict and unused sites into operational buildings is clear. During the lengthy process of surveying and gaining planning permission, it is beneficial for any building to have a guardian on-site. For a building which is undergoing large-scale redevelopment however, the benefits of having a property guardian are even greater.