• Apr 16 / 2015
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Permitted development rights and easing planning permission costs

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Permitted development rights mean certain changes can be made to buildings without the need for planning permission.

Many developers have been coming too close to the 2016 deadline (when these rights were set to end), but a recent government update to permitted development rights has extended this deadline to May 2019. This also allows even more types of building conversion to take place without regular planning permission:

  • Premises which are used for storage or distribution can be turned into new homes, and

  • retail premises can now be converted into cafes, restaurants and leisure venues.

The update is good news for developers and landlords who can now avoid the arduous process of planning permission for such developments.

The costs can be further reduced by using a security firm that will also manage maintenance and business rate mitigation while permitted development is being established and construction is being prepared.

Converting unoccupied buildings into community resources

Not every project can escape the laborious and drawn out process of planning permission. This is particularly true for those which are full conversions or redevelopments of buildings that are listed or large enough to significantly impact the local area.

Oaksure believes strongly that no building should be left unoccupied and neglected during this indefinite planning period. Leaving a property vacant creates higher costs, puts the properties current value at risk and damages the local neighbourhood. The negative effects that an empty building can have on the community it resides in have been previously highlighted, and the interior is likely to suffer more severe problems such as breakages, leaks and infestation – the sort of problems that an occupied building would not.

Oaksure’s property guardians can reduce costs during the planning permission process

You will find Oaksure’s property guardianship to be of great assistance during the time it takes to gain planning permission.

Live-in guards provide a 24hr security presence for around £5,000 per year – a significant reduction of the usual £100,000 for a single static security guard 24hrs. The level of security is also higher since the building is occupied it gains legal protection against squatters as it is practically impossible for them to take possession of the building and claim rights.

The cost of repairs from long term damage and neglect which unoccupied buildings tend to suffer can also be easily avoided with Oaksure’s services. This is because guardians are on-site and able to see incidents immediately before reporting them to Oaksure’s maintenance team. This often results in guardians leaving the site in better condition than when they arrived.

An on-site guardian occupying the property combined with our expert services will also save the owner up to 90% on the empty building’s business rates. From the beginning we will help to ensure that the building is organised so as to be eligible for tax reductions. Most buildings, with some exemptions, will be liable to pay full empty business rates, but our service should significantly reduce this tax burden on the landlord. Empty business rates are payable even if a building has been given permitted development rights.

We provide a service which takes care of everything necessary to gain a tax reduction. Due to our good relationship with the valuation office, we will take care of the entire application and help to make this process as smooth as possible.